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Afghan exports to India: Value doubles to $460 mln

Afghanistan’s exports to India have doubled since 2016. The total value of goods traded reached $460 million in 2019. Jan Aqa Naweed, spokesman for the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI), stated: “In total, in 2019, our exports to the world reached $1 billion and $460 million of it was to India.”

The UK’s newest front-line workers: Afghan fruit sellers

They have fled disaster and conflict in their home country. Now, they find themselves working on the front line of a pandemic – without any protective equipment – in another one. Zar Nabi, 30, from Afghanistan, tends his fruit and vegetable stall in the Alum Rock neighbourhood of Birmingham, UK [Anam Hussain/Al Jazeera]

Will Afghan Fruit Vegetables Be Exported Amid COVID-19?

The union of fresh fruit and vegetable traders says farmers and gardeners will suffer severely this year. The harvest season, and export of fresh fruits and vegetables, is coming up but roadways to neighboring countries are closed, and air shipping has stopped, due to the coronavirus.

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